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with this one:




or with that one:


, belongs to my mood!


Hi folkes, it's me, the Peer!!   

I wont tell you all the ins and outs of my life. My life is motorbiking and I share every occasion with my friends whenever I can.

I love to customize my bikes. When I get an idea, I try to realize it at the bikes, if time and money allow... I havent had much chance to do this for a couple of years, because I dont have the space in the garage any more... 
Nevertheless, here are my bikes:

The GSXR, my Fighter!

I rebuilt the Eleven from parts. First time only with half fairing, but always with a superbike-bar. It took only a short time to recognize to built something special, not only a shopping-bike. Really, that was my first idea, only for gambling around in town, for picking up the rolls from the baker on sunday morning...!

Click on a small picture for a close up!



The R6, my ragebike (© Stefan)!

the 99th YZF is the optimal substitute for my 500ccm Gamma, which I drove 10 years...
Here are the first pics of my R6 with new undertray, LED taillight and thumbbrake:

Click on a small picture for a close up!




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